News and News is an independent and non-partisan news source that strives to be your antidote to the biased and made-up news epidemic.  Our goal is to keep you informed while helping you cut through the maddening noise.

News and News brings you updated, impartial, and reliable information, all day, every day.  Our team of real people based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia decide what we post, while constantly reviewing news sources across the political spectrum.  Every article selected is analyzed to ensure News and News reflects our complex and ever-changing world.

Our proprietary ‘Bias Meter’ quantifies the political leanings of all the postings on our website, illustrating whether the site as a whole is trending to the left or right.

News and News does not use software to provide you with ‘personalized’ information. We believe that robots, filters, and algorithms make us less informed.  Automated news aggregation leads to self-segregation in the news we read, creating echo chambers that reduce the diversity of the information we consume.  When we only see news and opinions that support our own beliefs, confirmation bias arises, making us less tolerant, less thoughtful, and more divided – we become blind to our blindness.

Our mission is to follow the Golden Rule, treating each other with respect and approaching all ideas, new and old, with an open mind.  We believe we have a responsibility to appreciate our common interests and beliefs while recognizing and understanding our differences.