Today’s Bias

Our mission is to bring you impartial and reliable news. To achieve that goal and keep as neutral as possible, we use our “Bias Meter” to assess the news articles we have chosen for you.

How does it work? Our group of editors analyzes news organizations based on their political leanings, using all available evaluation tools and metrics. We then assign a rating to each of those news sources, indicating how far to the left or right it tends to be, as a whole. Our proprietary algorithm then calculates the ratings of the news sources used on at any given time. The resulting number shows whether the site as a whole is trending right or left.

Are all articles on included? No. We exclude articles from the Sports, Science and Technology, Health, Human Interest, and Media and Entertainment categories from the calculation. We believe those are less likely to contain bias and would not want the news sources used in those categories to unfairly sway the “Bias Meter.”

Are individual articles rated? No. We rate the news sources, not the articles. We believe that will, on average, give a fair representation of the totality articles posted at any given time.

How often is the “Bias Meter” updated? The “bias” measurement changes every time a new article is posted. On average, it’s updated every 10 to 15 minutes.

How many news sources have you rated? More than 600 and that number is constantly growing.

Why is evaluating news sources important? We use far more news sources than other news aggregators (such as Apple News or Google News), so it’s essential to be aware of the political leanings of those sources in order to fulfill our aim to keep as neutral as possible and let you know which way our site is trending at any given time.